Ultra Low Latency Data and Trading

In low latency networks simplicity reins supreme. Certigo segregates its market data and trading network from all other network systems. Unlike traditional providers that plug you into a “core” or onto a switch that is daisy chained to their core router, Certigo plugs you into a switch that is directly connected to the exchange matching engine.We physically separate the trading and market data network traffic from all other traffic to provide you with the best latency metrics.

Network Simplicity

In low latency, network simplicity reigns supreme. We do not daisy chain switches and we do not overload our equipment. This lends to the lowest latency possible with less room for error or disruption. There is no other way to do it. Complexity and additional equipment will slow your trading algorithm down.

Lowest Latency Switches

We currently deploy Arista switches which are rated as the lowest latency switches in the world. 10 GB ports are available for the fastest performance.

Separation of Market Data

We separate the exchange “A” & “B” market data feeds from the trading engines. By minimizing traffic over each port it improves your trading performance. Every nanosecond counts in the high frequency space.

Port-to-Port Speed

We are specialists in this market space with port-to-port latency of less than 500 nanoseconds. Our competitors will have latency metrics that are literally 2000 times (1 millisecond or more) slower.

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