Consulting Services

Technology moves quick. Certigos offers consulting services to assist with project management, research and design, existing electronic trading system infrastructure reviews, network capacity and utilization reports, network performance assessment and tuning, and network risk analysis. We have the talent and resources to provide results. We can handle all of the details as this is what our team does all day — every day.

Server Configuration

Certigo can configure and install your server per your specification or our recommendation. We provide operating system and network connection optimization recommendations as a part of these services. We will analyze and provide recommendations to you on your operating systems settings and configurations that can improve the overall operation of your server.

Network Design

We can assist with building your trading infrastructure at multiple exchange co-location facilities and bringing all points of connectivity to your branch and main offices. We can assist you with managing many servers in a cage at any data center around the globe. Let us design and physically build your network for best practices and best in class performance.

Performance Monitoring

As a client, you can review our network monitoring information to ensure high frequency performance. See the bandwidth utilization over your dedicated connection. See the latency numbers from point-to-point. Be informed instantly via e-mail, text message, or via phone if there is ever any interruption or high resource utilization.

Hardware Procurement

Certigo has multiple corporate relationships with top-tier hardware providers and can help you design, source, and deploy hardware in many cases for less than it would cost you to do the work yourself. Allow us to direct you to the right vendor or handle the process from start to finish.


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