Trade Natively to the Exchange, Automated Bracketing, and Strategy Orders

Firetip is fully integrated with the Certigo suite of trading products — from the Firetip Web, Firetip Mobile, or Certigo API — all products are fully integrated and interoperable.

Native Connectivity

Seamless from point-to-point
The Firetip technology is built from the ground up by Certigo to operate natively to the exchanges using Certigo’s proprietary technology. This seamless integration from the screen to the order execution ensures the highest level of reliability.

Market Data You Need

Firetip distributes unfiltered tick data
Firetip distributes unfiltered tick data. Our proprietary data aggregation algorithm allows remote users to subscribe to hundreds or thousands of instruments without bogging down a standard internet connection or PC.

Manage your trades from anywhere

Trade via the flagship desktop application
Trade via the flagship desktop application, the web, mobile app, or by API. Set up your trades and monitor and manage them on the go or from anywhere around the globe.


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