Certigo’s Firetip family of products is a fully-managed application service provider (ASP) offering.

Firetip ASP provides the full benefits of the Firetip trading environment without the need for the customer to invest in any technology infrastructure, systems management, or support. Certigo manages the hardware, network, and handles all of the system upgrades and updates.

Complete Turnkey

Turnkey Solution. Certigo offers the entire family of products: Firetip, Firetip Web, Firetip Mobile, Certigo API, Broker Web, and Trade Feed as turnkey solutions. You do not need to buy any other system or technology. Obtain access to all features, with native and full exchange integration in a turnkey ASP solution.

High Availability and Reliability

Certigo’s networks are built for reliability and resiliency. Certigo peers with multiple ISPs to ensure the highest level of reliability. We have our own AS number and BGP the best available routes to our datacenter. For private line solutions, Certigo can build in an internet backup or VPN solution to ensure high reliability and security.






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