Manage your Firetip users: risk, positions, cash, and entitles from a single user interface. Send message notifications to your customer base, change privileges, and control trading.

Increases in trading volumes and usage of trading applications by large groups of trades needs to be effectively monitored and managed to mitigate risk. Certigo provides a fully customizable admin user interface to manage entitlements, permissions, and access to cash, positions, markets, and trades.

Risk Management

Risk Management. Firetip Admin offers the most sophisticated and cost-effective risk management tools in the industry. Firetip Admin provides a simple and straightforward risk module to protect the firm and its customers by automatically adjusting controls on a day-to-day basis.


Control entitlements. Provide access to clients, users, and administrators at a granular level. You can give admin rights to certain users and control the information that they can see and view. Provide specific administrative controls to certain functions and user groups. Set your entitlements once and as your business, customer base, and organization grow the entitlements automatically propagate.

Instant Pre-Trade Risk Management

Pre-trade risk Our pre-trade risk module will determine if a trade is suitable for execution by doing a full “worst-case” risk analysis on the account. This is done instantly and without execution delay. You can have full risk controls in place without impacting the customer’s trading needs or experience.


  • Real-time balances and margin requirements
  • View Positions and Orders
  • User and Admin Access
  • Adjust entitlements real-time
  • Send message notifications
  • Assign multiple accounts to a user


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