The Kansas City Board of Trade, also known as the KCBT, was founded in 1856. KCBT is a leader in wheat futures worldwide. In 2011, the exchange traded equivalent to 31.71 billion bushels of wheat. KCBT also specializes in hard red winter wheat.


Wheat Futures

Hard red winter wheat futures characterize the bulk of U.S. wheat production, and is the main futures contract traded through KCBT. Around the globe traders look to KCBT for their benchmark bread wheat prices. Futures at KCBT have consistently shown growth, and in 2011 volume was five times the amount it was 20 years prior.


Agricultural Spreads

Trade spreads on agricultural products available on the KCBT against other exchanges such as CBOT, MGEX, or ICE Canada.



Commodities available through KCBT are hard red winter wheat futures and options contracts.

KCBT News Releases

KCBT announces that June 2012 had the second largest calendar month of June in history for volume in wheat futures and exchanges. Compared to May 2012 volume, June volume increased 61.3 percent.

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