ICE Futures Europe provides energy and emissions futures and options contracts, which are cleared by ICE Clear Europe. Recognized as the largest energy futures exchange in Europe, and the second largest in the world, ICE Futures Europe hosts more than 50% of the world’s crude and refined oil futures trading.

ICE Futures Europe
Trade a range of products within ICE Europe: Agriculture, Indices, Foreign Exchange, Energy, Ferrous Metals, Freight, and Environment products.


Liquidity at ICE Europe
ICE Futures Europe provides liquid contracts on some of the world’s largest commodities through their three regulated futures exchanges. ICE Futures Europe lists Emissions, ICE Brent Crude, ICE Gasoil and ICE WTI Crude futures and options contracts. In addition to these contracts ICE Europe serves the European utilities markets, with contracts available such as natural gas and power.


Dry Freight
Dry freight derivatives have seen extensive growth in interest and participation, with a wide range of dry bulk commodities. The dry freight derivatives have become the most liquid of the freight markets.

ICE Futures Electricity

ICE Futures Europe offers ICE Electricity futures. ICE trades the most electric power in the world. Trade the powerful combination of European electricity and natural gas futures markets through ICE Futures Europe.


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