The CME is the world’s largest and most diverse leader in the futures exchange marketplace. The CME offers the most extensive and widespread products across all classes, including foreign exchange, equity indexes, rare and precious metals, weather, and real estate. As well as owning the Dow Jones stock and financial indexes, the CME operates and owns CME Clearing Services, providing settlements and clearings of exchange trades.

CME Currencies
Trade CME Currencies with CME FX and have access to 56 futures and 31 options contracts. CME FX holds over $120 billion in daily liquidity, making them the largest regulated FX marketplace worldwide.


CME Livestock
The CME offers the most extensive selection of agricultural futures and options, including livestock. Trade the most popular livestock futures and options, including live cattle, lean hogs and feeder cattle.


Agricultural Commodities
Agricultural commodity contracts include live cattle, feeder cattle, class IV milk, class III milk, hardwood pulp, butter, nonfat dry milk, and dry whey.

CME News Releases

CME announces new volume records for June 13, 2012. Volume record was recorded at 8,756 contracts traded, with an O.I. record of over 15,000 positions.
E-Mini Industrials volume record set for June 20, 2012 with over 3,000 contracts traded.


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